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classical vocalist
20 October 2009

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uvaraj on Musician
Happy New Year; Wish you and your family a happy 2010 :)

Anthony Thomason on Musician
WONDERFUL colors! The arm in the right side fo the frame is distracting.

Ruth on Musician
It's a gorgeous portrait, and I agree with Claudia about the turban. His instrument's bow is very sweet, love ...

Claudia on Musician
What an intent expression! And that turban lights up the whole picture.

uvaraj on Musician
lovely composition for a portrait, especially the background texture and color turban. well done :)

kostas on Green and Gold
A Princess! Very beautiful portrait!

Marie on Dance Costume
quelles magnifiques couleurs dans ce portrait, bravo, il est magnifique !

Ana Lúcia on Dance Costume
Great portraits - wonderful colors! I just love seeing the people from other cultures - very interesting!

Claudia on Dance Costume
The colour scheme is stunning and the girl has spectacular eyes! Her expression is almost mischievous, very ...

Ruth on Dance Costume
Vibrant. Looks like she could jump up in a flash and begin her dance. The light on her and in the backdrop is perfect.

Bill Brown on Dance Costume
Very nice capture of this colorful costume. Great choice of background, it really complements the dancer and costume.

Anthony Thomason on Dance Costume
Beuatiful! I like the background too!

uvaraj on Dance Costume
Amazing and classic. Well done :)

Ruth on green canopy
Wish I were that strong and flexible. I'd like to be sitting in that boat.

Claudia on green canopy
Like a natural cathedral. Beautiful.

uvaraj on green canopy
simple scene; wonderful frame. Love the way, water leads into the frame. well done...

Claudia on Pearl Ear Ring 1
How did you do the background, Rauf? Mesmerizing.

Claudia on Pearl Ear Ring 1
I love everything about this portrait, Rauf. Thanks for pointing out this site to me.

uvaraj on Green and Gold
Splendid work here.

uvaraj on Lazy afternoon
great composition, PoV, lovely colors with mood intact. Kerala is always a surprise.

Ruth on Lazy afternoon
She is cute.

Jerry - a moment in time [...] on Lazy afternoon
Nice them and colors!

Anthony Thomason on classical vocalist
Wonderful, dramatic, and sharp capture. The soft processing works well here!

Anthony Thomason on Lazy afternoon
Great colors and framing!

Rauf on classical vocalist
Thank you Jim

Rauf on classical vocalist
Thank you Estrella

jim on classical vocalist
very beautiful portraits!

Nubia on Pearl Ear Ring 1
She looks like J.lo!

Estrella on classical vocalist
Gorgeous portrait many thanks for your comments

Ruth on Life is simple
The mellow tones and texture are wonderful.

Jerry - a moment in time [...] on Life is simple
Nice portrait. I like the softness in this picture

Curly on Life is simple
Great portrait Rauf, the vignette allows us to concentrate on the subject.

Ana Lúcia on Pearl Ear Ring 1
Fiery colours you got there. Works well.

Ana Lúcia on Life is simple
She is beautiful, great portrait.

Ana Lúcia on Quiet
Perfect capture of a priceless moment!

Ana Lúcia on Green and Gold
Excellent portrait!

Bill Jennings on Pearl Ear Ring 1
what a great background for a superb portrait! I love your style.

Bill Jennings on Green and Gold
Who can notice the beautiful colors when the woman is so stunningly beautiful? Such a great portrait: I love seeing ...

Bill Jennings on VEIL
I love the colors, the tone of the image, and the soft intricate background.

Curly on Pearl Ear Ring 1
Another superb work, almost as art!

Curly on Green and Gold
Wow - stunning colours!

Curly on VEIL
Beautiful image Rauf.

Zaluska on VEIL
Beautiful!.Great portrait.

Bill Brown on Quiet
Very nice portrait! I like the soft lighting and focus.

Rags on Quiet
Cute shot.

Ruth on Pearl Ear Ring 1
Everything about this portrait is stunning. And it's reminiscent of Vermeer of course, but completely other too. ...

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